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For your next vacation in Guadeloupe we have two villas where you can rent apartments or studios in the village of Ferry in Deshaies. Book direct!!We are the owners of these vacation rentals and will be your neighbours in case you need anything. One is near the beach "Plage de Leroux" and the other one at the confluent of two small rivers. Two different ways to enjoy this wonderful island that is Guadeloupe. These villas are divided into apartments and studios to accommodate parties of 2 to 8 persons or up to 20 per villa.

 Choose Deshaies for your next vacation rental in Guadeloupe. Renting by owner you will pay no commission

A vacation rental 5 mn walk from the beach ?

Or this vacation rental by the river 15 mn walk from the beach.

Villa "Les Balisiers" ( Joanie'garden)

This vacation rental is 150 m from the sea and 450 m from the beach "Plage de Leroux in Ferry Deshaies. This villa in the midst of a tropical garden is divided into 4 apartments with or without ocean view and 2 studios.

Villa "Couleur Soleil"

Also in Ferry Deshaies, this rental sits on a wooded acreage between a small river and a stream. It is close to the start of the numerous foot paths that the sugar cane cutters used to take to travel from one work site to another. The villa is divided into 3 apartments and 2 studios

A few words on Guadeloupe

Part of the lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe island is a 1700 Kmē french department. Guadeloupe is in fact made up of 2 main islands and 4 smaller ones. These tropical islands are only separated by a channel but have very different topographies.

Grande-Terre, the eastern island Guadeloupe is relatively flat; As such it was first exploited for sugar cane. It is where the European cultural and economic influence is the strongest.  It is also where you will find the large hotel complexes since the investors went where the infrastructures existed already.

Basse-terre, the other main island is mainly mountainous.  It was more difficult to penetrate and opened up to tourism much later. The Guadeloupeans, descendant of slaves and settlers were already very present on the island when industry and tourism arrived on the island. Today, they are in control of their island economy. As such the European influence is less obvious.

In all of the Guadeloupe islands, vacation tourism developed mainly through vacation rentals and small hotels where you will enjoy the true Guadeloupe culture.

Guadeloupe island is truly a wonderful setting for vacation. If you want to spend your days suntanning on golden sand beaches Deshaies has no less than 9 beaches. Or you may want to partake in the numerous water activities in a water whose temperature varies between 25° and 30°. For those who like hiking, half of Basse-Terre is a national park.

Like snorkelling? We have exceptional underwater landscape, brightly colored corals, sea anemonies and multi-colored fish. Or if you haven't yet tried it, take an introduction scuba dive with one of the numerous diving clubs on Guadeloupe island. Guadeloupe is also where Jacques Cousteau filmed most of "undersea world". The Caribbean coast is a succession of wonderful diving sites. From Deshaies to Vieux-Habitants it is one diving site after another

A car rental will help you enjoy your vacation to its maximum.

Come to Deshaies, book a vacation rental by owner and enjoy the nicest beaches in Guadeloupe