La guadeloupe: ses plages ses cascades, ses plages ses traditions.

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Very French but also very tropical, Guadeloupe holds numerous surprises.

Here are a few pictures taken in places that are not mentioned in the guides.

Guadeloupe will surprise you not only with its gorgeous beaches. It stands out by its people and unique culture

Here is "une course de boeufs tirants" somewhere between Deshaies and Ste-Rose.

A track is created on a hilly piece of land. The oxen teams ( usually bulls) are going to race against the clock pulling a very heavy cart. For those who will no be able to cross the finish line, the covered distance will be measured.  The "drivers" can snap the whip 10 times but the veterinarian is present to ensure the whip never touches the oxen.

The national park

Besides beaches with their crystal clear Caribbean water Deshaies sits next to the Guadeloupe National Park which means that your vacation rental is a few minutes from the tropical forest, its water falls and other marvels. What can be more agreeable during a summer afternoon (or winter since you are in Guadeloupe) than swimming under a waterfall?

Scuba diving

Deshaies is at the centre of numerous diving sites and not far from the famous "Parc Jacques Cousteau" where the famous diver filmed "The Silent World". Eric, the dive master at our diving club "NAUTICA PLONGEE " will be happy to help you discover this magical underwater world.

Le Jardin Botanique de Deshaies.

Open since 2000, the "parc botanique de Deshaies" is the nicest and most extensive in Guadeloupe or even in the Caribbean.

Ocean excursions.

Guadeloupe is surrounded by a dozen small uninhabited islands which are superb for a picnic Robinson Crusoe style. Claudius and his team at Coco Mambo will be delighted to show you around.

The mangrove.

The largest mangrove in the Caribbean is on the north coast of Guadeloupe. A mangrove visit is a must for any one remotely interested by nature. We prefer doing it by kayaks. Leaving from Ste Rose, "Rando Passion" will guide you through a very informative trip.

Whale Watching.

Leaving Deshaies several times a week "Guadeloupe Evasion Decouverte" will take you in search for whales and dolphins. They have acquired such an experience over the years that between all the various types of whales and dolphins who come into our waters they will always find someting to show you.

Le Saut d'Accomat

Le Saut d'Accomat: 20 minute car ride from our place is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Guadeloupe. From its 7 to 10 meter diameter basin, no matter where you look, it is a postcard picture. This waterfall in not very well indicated but we are here to help.